The United Nations have 17 Global Goals to achieve by 2030. We're helping them achieve these goals.

Because while the United Nations represents the diversity and opinions of all of us, and while as a collective our representatives have agreed that this is what the people of the world need to do to solve these challenges, to succeed they require a huge chunk of us to do our bit to achieve these goals.

Because they're our goals really. And they're good goals. So let's get them done.
Every month we give to projects aligned with each of these goals. It's our small way of actively contributing to a huge positive change in the world. We're a little bit proud to do our bit. And privileged to be able to do so.

So every time a business chooses us to help them make a positive change for their people and their results, they're really helping change the world with us. (So thank you!!!)Below you'll find out more about each goal and our small part in helping it become a reality.

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Here's the total of our micro-giving impacts across all our global initiatives right now:

It's so awesome watching this number grow every month, and with every event we do and every new subscriber to our newsletter, it grows even more.

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2. Start your own giving campaigns.

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Our top 5 global goals we've supported up to today are...